• Polynesian Cocktail
    Vodka Cocktails

    Polynesian Cocktail Recipe

    Polynesian Cocktail is a simple but yet delicious cocktail. Based on vodka, this cocktail makes a beautiful party cocktail.The original cocktail is with classic vodka, but I wanted to make a little change, and the results are very satisfying.

  • Gingerbread Martini cocktail
    Vodka Cocktails

    Gingerbread Martini Cocktail recipe

    Gingerbread Martini cocktail is nutty and slightly sweet making it a perfect aperitif choice for your Christmas evening.If you like classic cocktails and the Vodkatini to be precise, the Gingerbread is a wonderful festive riff. Enjoy it as an aperitif or…

  • White Russian Christmas Cocktail
    Vodka Cocktails

    White Russian Christmas Cocktail Recipe

    White Russian Christmas is a festive riff on the world famous White Russian. It is a stunning cocktail with a wonderful flavour profile.Vodka, coffee liqueur and cream is such an amazing combination but adding the gingerbread syrup and mincemeat makes it…

  • Bitter Grape Martini Cocktail
    Vodka Cocktails

    Bitter Grape Martini Cocktail Recipe

    Bitter Grape Martini is extraordinary cocktail for everyone who loves vodka cocktails. The cocktail is strong but smooth to drink and with refreshing herbal notes.Served in a frozen glass with fresh fruity taste from the green grapes the cocktail is ideal…