• Irish Made Cocktail Recipe
    Whiskey Cocktails

    Irish Maid Cocktail Recipe

    The Irish Made Cocktail is refreshing with a juicy cucumber and excellent elderflower notes. In general, when you think about cucumber or elderflower, you won't associate these flavours with Whiskey. Most likely, you will think of a Gin or Vodka.Well, in…

  • Shamrock Cocktail
    Whiskey Cocktails

    Shamrock Cocktail Recipe

    Shamrock Cocktail is a beautiful, refreshing recipe based on Irish Whiskey with vibrant green colour.Usually associated with St. Patrick's Day, this cocktail often is forgotten for the rest of the year. However, if you love the freshness of the mint, I'll…

  • Bobby Burns Cocktail
    Whiskey Cocktails

    Bobby Burns Cocktail Recipe

    Bobby Burns Cocktail original recipe comes from the 1900 edition of Fancy Drinks published by Bishop & Babcock called the "Baby Burns". The cocktail elevated and had a few different versions at the beginning. Most people know it as a cocktail named after…

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