• Rossini Cocktail
    Wine Cocktails

    Rossini Cocktail Recipe

    Rossini Cocktail is one of those drinks that you love or hate. Saying this, I think I never meet anyone who hate this cocktail. Champagne and Strawberries or Prosecco and Strawberries is one of the best combinations. Also, not to mention…

  • Colletti Royale Cocktail
    Tequila Cocktails

    Colletti Royale Cocktail Recipe

    Colletti Royale Cocktail is a wonderful cocktail with Reposado Tequila and fresh blood orange juice. If you look for a refreshing cocktail and you like tequila the Colletti Cocktail is a perfect choice.Tequila Reposado is smooth and a good base for…

  • Sweetheart Cocktail
    Vodka Cocktails

    Sweetheart Cocktail Recipe

    Sweetheart cocktail is a delicious take on the classic Cosmopolitan Cocktail replacing the orange liqueur with floral Rose Liqueur.Also, the vodka used in this cocktail is not a citron as you expect from Cosmopolitan. The variation here gives a chance to…

  • Old Flame Cocktail
    Gin Cocktails

    Old Flame Cocktail Recipe

    Old Flame Cocktail is the perfect Valentine's Day Cocktail. The cocktail is based on gin and bringing rich Orange flavour with a bittersweet character. The cocktail is refreshing, pleasant to drink and easy to make. The combination of the orange with…

  • Honey Bee Cocktail
    Rum Cocktails

    Honey Bee Cocktail Recipe

    Honey Bee Cocktail is a refreshing sweet and sour drink based on light Rum. I don't know if it was inspired by the Bee's Knees Cocktail or the classic Daiquiri, but for sure it is a wonderful cocktail.The combination of honey…

  • Spicy Fifty Cocktail - Just Shake or Stir
    Vodka Cocktails

    Spicy Fifty Cocktail Recipe

    Spicy Fifty Cocktail Recipe is one of the best cocktail recipes created by the Maestro Salvatore Calabrese. The Maestro created this cocktail in 2005 and became a popular modern classic.The combination of sweet, citrus and spice notes is wonderful and a…

  • Bobby Burns Cocktail
    Whiskey Cocktails

    Bobby Burns Cocktail Recipe

    Bobby Burns Cocktail original recipe comes from the 1900 edition of Fancy Drinks published by Bishop & Babcock called the "Baby Burns". The cocktail elevated and had a few different versions at the beginning. Most people know it as a cocktail named after…

  • Trinidad Especial Cocktail
    Liqueur Cocktails

    Trinidad Especial Cocktail Recipe

    Trinidad Especial Cocktail was the winning cocktail in the Angostura European Cocktail Competition in 2008. The Italian bartender Valentino Bolognese presents this cocktail's recipe using Angostura Aromatic Bitters as the main ingredient.The Angostura Bitters is usually used as a modifier, but…

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