Little Yellow Daisy

Little Yellow Daisy Cocktail. It sounds so beautiful as a name. Is in it? Not only looks gorgeous but is also an excellent tasting cocktail with well-balanced ingredients and full of flavour.

Whenever I create a new cocktail or discover new recipes, I got excited to see what is the results — not much difference with this cocktail. With this particular cocktail, I made a small change and created a riff on a cocktail called Yellow Daisy. Originally made with Dry Vermouth and I replace this with botanical, sweet and warm Abesenteroux Vermouth.

I am a big fan of Pernod & Ricard for a long time. Many of you may not like anise as much I do, but in a small amount, this flavour is a fantastic addition to almost any cocktail.

Little Yellow Daisy Cocktail

Little Yellow Daisy

It is a delicious cocktail, and as much it sounds adorable, be aware it may bite a little. The cocktail is one of this concoction that designed for a slow sip and long last enjoyment. A delicacy lemon citrus, wormwood, anise and herbs flavour. Citrusy sweet but potent mix to enjoy in small sips and longer. To keep it cold and prevent fast ice diluting it must be served in a freezer-chilled glass over a large cube of ice.

Little Yellow Daisy Cocktail

The market is providing a lot of well build Icemakers designed to use at home or bars. I have a few Icemakers forms on my Amazon Store if you are interested in purchasing for you. Another Icemaker I use the Cill- Pure dICE and is an excellent addition to any home bar. Of course, you can use regular ice, but make sure you fill your glass with lots of cubes. More ice in the glass will prevent fast diluting cocktail and offer you a longer lasting flavour and taste.

Enjoy! Let me know if you like the cocktail or if you made your version?



  • Shake all ingredients.
  • Strain over into a chilled Coupe Glass.
  • Add a large cube of Clear Ice.
  • Garnish with little Daisy Flower and fresh Thyme.


  • 30ml No.3 London Dry Gin
  • 30ml Abesenteroux Vermouth
  • 20ml Grand Marnier
  • 10ml Pernod

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