Melonade Melon Fusion

Melonade Melon Fusion is one of these cocktails you try once and can’t stop drinking. A low ABV, delicious and lightly refreshing. All you expected from a quality Aperitif, Prosecco and fresh fruits. Following my Imbibe Live 2019 visit, I discover some exiting samples and looking forward to introducing some of them to you. One of these samples is the fantastic French Melonade Aperitif.

Melonade Melon Fusion Cocktail

Melonade Melon Fusion is the Summer in Glass

I found Melonade Aperitif on Imbibe, and as I love the taste of melon, I feel in love from the first sip. Melonade is a French fruit aperitif made from Provence melons. Low ABV only 12% is perfect for enjoying at any time and having a pleasant light sip during the summer. On the rocks, with sparkling water, prosecco or in a cocktail, the possibilities are endless. With double gold from Berlin International Spirits Competition and many more, this freshest aperitif is a quality all the way.

Melonade Melon Fusion Cocktail

I am on my journey to discover and introduce as many vermouths, aperitifs and mixers to you on my cocktail feeds. Whit non-alcoholic spirits and low ABV tipples I think the ea of Vermouts and Aperitifs is about to rise again. I am sure many of you will love to have a low ABV when enjoying the summer. So, if you plan a garden party or want a refreshing drink when chilling the Melonade Melon Fusion is the perfect sip. All you need is a bottle of Melonade, lemonade (you can replace with bubbly prosecco) and fresh melon.



  • Build directly in the glass.
  • Add the melon cubes.
  • Fill with crushed ice.
  • Top up with lemonade or prosecco and stir gently.
  • Garnish with a big slice of melon.
  • Serve Eco-friendly or reusable straw.


  • 50ml Melonade Aperitif
  • 70ml Lemonade or Prosecco
  • 8 Cubes Fresh Ripe Melon

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