My Pink Lady

My Pink Lady is a cocktail celebrating our amazing mothers, sisters, wives and friends. In the past few days, I meet extraordinary women from the bartending industry, and I am so happy to see more and more women’s stepping into the world of mixology. Back in the days, it was a rare thing to share the bar with the female bartender and never understood why. I don’t think it was any matter of the forever silly argument about men’s vs, women. But there was a reason for sure. Anyway, I am happy to see these days are gone and now is more female bartenders around the world than male bartenders.

My Pink Lady Cocktail

Cocktail Riff on Two Classics

The cocktail is a mixture of two classics. My riff to present something entirely new. Inspired by two fantastic classic cocktails the ’Pink Lady’ and ‘Pink Rose’. Served in a beautiful coupe glass from @artisuk_. My Pink Lady brings the citrus flavour from Porters Gin. In combination with aromatic Strawberries and beautifully creamy, rich notes from the 50/50 coconut milk & coconut water. My Pink Lady is almost as a dessert in a glass.

Reminds me of the days when I was a kid and had big candy floss walking with my mum on the warm sandy beach on the Black Sea. I do believe a cocktail is more than a mixed drink. A good cocktail carry lot’s of stories, memories and sometimes is simply accident when mixing.



  • Reverse shake all ingredients.
  • Double strain into a chilled coupe glass.
  • Garnish with mint sprigs or a dry rosebud.


  • 40ml @portersgin
  • 20ml Bols Strawberry Liqueur
  • 10ml Grenadine
  • 45ml Coconut Milk & Coconut Water
  • 1 Egg White

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