PNP Martini

PNP Martini is my favourite take on the classic Dry Martini. An iconic classic cocktail I love so much. There’s nothing more perfect, but a lovely made Martini Cocktail before dinner to unleash your appetite.

I do like mine sometimes shaken or stirred, with extra bitters or splash of brine (dirty dry Martini), garnish with lemon zest, olive or onion. None of the serves is right or wrong. If I want smooth sip I will have it shaken and less dray, more diluted and airy. But if I want to experience before a meal to boost my appetite, I will have it stirred and drier. Every serve is down to a personal taste.

Martini cocktail offers thousands of ways for serving. In the beginning, it was only equal parts sweet vermouth and gin. Later on, when Martini introduces the dry vermouth, and with the introduction of London Dry Gin, the Dry Martini was born. Since then, this iconic cocktail is seen so many variations, and each one of them is brilliant in their rights.

PNP Martini Cocktail

PNP Martini for those who appreciate quality

Make sure you use the best gin, vodka and vermouth you can afford. The budget brand won’t deliver the quality you need. I love my gin, and I have many favourites for different occasions. But when comes to Martini it must be the smooth, creamy and full bodied, Plymouth Gin. For the vermouth, it has to be the complex, herbal and floral but delicate bitter and spice finish Noilly Prat Original Dry. Vermouth made in the South of France with aged dry white wines and blended with botanicals. With this said I am giving you my favourite way of enjoying Martini Cocktail.

The PNP Martini is perfect aperitif and all ingredients are easy to buy for your home bar. Experimenting and trying different ratios, adding a dash of orange, aromatic, or even olive bitters can change your martini to something completely new.



  • Stir all ingredients with ice
  • Strain into chilled Martini Glass
  • Express lemon zest, rub the glass rim and drop into the glass.
  • Garnish with spicy chilled olive stuffed with red pepper.


  • 60ml Plymouth Gin
  • 30ml Noilly Prat Original Dry Vermouth
  • One dash Orange Bitter (optional)

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