Southern Sunset Autumn Cocktail

Southern Sunset Autumn Cocktail is one of that creation I came up when realising the summer is fading away. I know I can’t stop the season changing, but at least I can make it more pleasant and enjoyable. Based on excellent Southern Comfort Black, the cocktail is refreshing and warming at the same time.

Southern Sunset Cocktail

Southern Sunset Autumn Cocktail is perfect for outdoors.

Yes, autumn. I do love this season, and I look forward to it, to be honest with you. I think it is one of the most beautiful seasons when it comes to colours. So, imagine you are out and about camping or spend the day out. Of course, you’ll pack some lunch or a picnic basket to enjoy outdoor. But what if you can have one drink to help you enjoy the season, bring a little nostalgic for the summer and put a smile on your face. I bet you’ll love that.

As I mention is based on Southern Comfort Black. The black label has a robust whiskey-forward profile, subtle spice and fruity accents; Southern Comfort Black label takes the original Southern Comfort experience up a notch. Also, in the mix, we have the magnificent Amaro Montenegro for a touch of bittersweetness with all 40 secret botanicals collected from all over the world. Then you have the Strawbery Liqueur for summer taste mixed with homemade Cherry Syrup.

All of this deliciousness can be pre-batched and bottled so you can enjoy while spending the day out. All you need on the side is chilled soda water to top up your drink, sip and admire the beauty of the Autumn. I hope you will try this delicious cocktail and if you want to discover more recipes, please visit the COCKTAIL page to find out more.



  • Pour all ingredients in a glass
  • Add Ice and cut strawberries
  • Stir gently and top up with Soda Water


  • 30ml Southern Comfort Black
  • 15ml Amaro Montenegro
  • 15ml Strawberry Liqueur
  • 10ml Cherry Syrup
  • Soda Water to top up

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