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Ford Cocktail Recipe

Ford Cocktail

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Ford Cocktail is an excellent example of a well balanced Vermouth Cocktail. Vermouth Cocktails are all around us, and many of you may not notice, but without this delicious fortified wine, many cocktail recipes won't exist.
Classics as Martini, Vesper Martini or Manhattan Cocktail, to name a few, are a small part of iconic Vermouth Cocktails. Well, they are not exactly Vermouth Cocktails recipes, but they include this fortified wine as an ingredient.
I pick the Ford Cocktail with Dry Vermouth, an easy cocktail recipe from the book 'A Spirited Guide to Vermouth' by Jack Adair Bevan.

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How to Make 

Prep Time5 mins
Servings1 cocktail
StyleAperitif / Party Cocktail
FlavourDry / Slightly Sweet
CALORIES aprox. 180kcal



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