Cocktail Bar Consulting Solutions

Cocktail Bar Consulting Solutions is a specially tailored service for each bar to meet the exact need of the venue. Any new or existing bar, a restaurant or club can benefit from bar consulting. It includes beverage consultation and mixers throughout menu creation, in-house-made ingredients to bar functionality and staff training.

What Is Cocktail Bar Consulting Solutions? Let me explain little be more

Whether you are venue owner with well-established clientele or new venue looking to increase the popularity and build a name, a fresh pair of eyes and ideas is always good to consider. A menu check, available beverages, mixes, equipment and staff knowledge is an excellent place to start.

Consulting is not that boring as may sound. Also, there’s nothing wrong to use help as a business owner. You want your bar/venue to be successful, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, being busy running the business may result in missing small points which a crucial for a smooth operation run. With bar consulting concentrate only on specific aspects of your business and tailored for your needs you have much more chances to be a successful bar or venue.

Finally, with this consulting service, I not only do the consulting but, I’ll make sure to stay around and regularly visit until I feel all elements and point we agreed on our consultation sessions are running smooth and deliver results for you and your bar or venue.

Getting started

Before you decide on a bar consultation service, determine what exactly do you need:

  1. A new menu and training your staff to execute all correct?
  2. To update your glassware, garnish and the way you serve your beverages and cocktails?
  3. Feedback on a bar station, suppliers for your bar or new partners to help you with promoting cocktails?

Don’t hesitate to contact me, no matter if you have a clear vision of what is your idea or you need help and want to meet for more detailed conversation.

There’s nothing wrong to ask for for help. It’s wrong when you believe you don’t need it.
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