Guest Bartender Shifts

Guest Bartender Shifts will bring some excitement to your regular nights with new cocktails, fun and professional service, spicing up the night. Surprise your customers with a new face, fresh cocktails and fun. It’s similar to guest DJ. But instead of playing different set the guest bartender will bring a particular crafted new cocktail list for the night.

What Is a Guest Bartender? Let me explain little be more

Whether you are a venue owner with a well-established clientele. Or new venue looking to increase the popularity, guest bartending shift offers countless benefits. The first and excellent benefit for your place is the fresh pair of eyes. A guest bartender will bring a new and unique experience for you, your customers and your staff.

Another benefit of great importance is sharing knowledge. Your regular staff and customers will meet a new face and a different way of doing things. Also, it will help to keep everyone on top of their game. Your team will learn 1 or 2 new ideas, and your customers will have the chance to try something new, different and get entertained differently.

Last but not least benefit is the chance to get your venue out there. Inviting guest bartenders is a great way to boost your venue or bar visibility and potentially increase a footfall.

Getting started

Before you decide on hiring a Guest Bartender, determine what exactly you need:

  1. An extra hand to help with a shortage of staff
  2. To bring additional experience and give your bar quality fresh ideas
  3. Feedback on your concept, your cocktails or help with improving staff training?

In other words, before you get in touch, make sure what you want precisely out of hiring me as your guest bartender.

Don’t hesitate to contact me, no matter if you need help and want to meet for a more detailed conversation.

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