• Ford Cocktail Recipe - Just Shake or Stir
    Gin Cocktails,  Vermouth Cocktails

    Ford Cocktail Recipe

    Ford Cocktail is an excellent example of a well balanced Vermouth Cocktail. Vermouth Cocktails are all around us, and many of you may not notice, but without this delicious fortified wine, many cocktail recipes won't exist.Classics as Martini, Vesper Martini or…

  • Bobby Burns Cocktail
    Whiskey Cocktails

    Bobby Burns Cocktail Recipe

    Bobby Burns Cocktail original recipe comes from the 1900 edition of¬†Fancy Drinks¬†published by Bishop & Babcock called the "Baby Burns". The cocktail elevated and had a few different versions at the beginning. Most people know it as a cocktail named after…

  • Mulled White Wine
    Wine Cocktails

    Mulled White Wine Recipe

    Mulled White Wine maybe not the first in mind when comes to winter warmers but you'll be surprised how mild and pleasant to drink is actually.I have to admit the white wine is not my first choice when it comes to…

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