• Irish Made Cocktail Recipe
    Whiskey Cocktails

    Irish Maid Cocktail Recipe

    The Irish Made Cocktail is refreshing with a juicy cucumber and excellent elderflower notes. In general, when you think about cucumber or elderflower, you won't associate these flavours with Whiskey. Most likely, you will think of a Gin or Vodka.Well, in…

  • Doctor Funk Cocktail
    Rum Cocktails

    Doctor Funk Cocktail Recipe

    Doctor Funk is an easy Rum cocktail dating back to the 1950s and is named after Doctor Bernard Funk. At the base of the cocktail, you have Jamaican Rum mixed with a touch of anise.The original recipe calls for absinthe, but…

  • Mango Margarita Cocktail
    Tequila Cocktails

    Mango Margarita Cocktail Recipe

    Mango Margarita Cocktail Recipe is very popular when it comes to Tequila Cocktails. The Mango Margarita is delicious, a tropical variation on the classic Margarita recipe. Technically you can't call the cocktail Margarita because it is missing the orange liqueur, but…

  • Bamboo Cocktail Recipe
    Sherry Cocktails

    Bamboo Cocktail Recipe

    The Bamboo Cocktail has many variations since first recorded in 1900. However, I will stick with the original. If you want to read more about the history of the Bamboo Cocktail and its variations, check this article on Difford's Guide.From dry…

  • Sargasso Cocktail
    Brandy Cocktails

    Sargasso Cocktail Recipe

    Sargasso cocktail Initially, created with Cognac, this cocktail is the perfect balance of sweetness, dryness and bitter taste. However, I like it more on the bittersweet side, so I swap the Cognac with Brandy. Not only but is brandy from Jerez…

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