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Just Shake or Stir is the home of Classic cocktails, Modern Variations and Signature cocktail recipes

Thank you for visiting Just Shake or Stir. My name is Georgi Petrov, and I started behind the bar back in 1995. For the past 20+ years, I enjoy every moment serving cocktails, creating cocktail recipes and taking part in many cocktail competitions.

Working as a bartender and mixologist is amazing, and I enjoyed every minute. After so many years, I decided to create JUST SHAKE OR STIR and start sharing my knowledge with everyone interested in learning the cocktail making craft. In the beginning, it was only Instagram, but after a while, my first website came to life. Like every new beginning, I learned and shape the concept for Just Shake or Stir as a brand and platform. Two years later and over 19000 followers on Instagram, I have a clear view of what the feature for Just Shake or Stir is.

welcome to the new website

I am happy to have you here, and I love to see you on my Instagram and my YouTube Channel. The biggest reward for me will be to know I help you find inspiration to start making cocktails, exploring new spirits and sharing with friends and family. With that said, I’ll be uploading new cocktail recipes every week building the library constantly. Alongside with cocktail recipes, I will share with you homemade ingredients techniques and some advanced mixology methods. The world of Mixology has no limitations, and we will explore many exciting techniques and delicious recipes.

While I explore, share and create new cocktail recipes for the website I want to invite you to join me on YouTube or why not subscribe for my podcast BEHIND THE BOTTLE. The podcast brings to you interviews with brands and hospitality professionals. Learn how your favourite spirits are made or dive in the amazing word of the hospitality industry.

Enjoy your time here and don’t forget you can always Get in touch if you have a question, ideas, requests say ‘Hello’. For brands collaborations, please send email to

Your truly Georgi Petrov